Maritime Voice App 'Connect at Sea' presented

By Cruise

MTN Satellite Communications & Wireless Maritime Services will present the 1st maritime voice application.
The two companies inform that the availability of the 'Connect at Sea' voice application, giving the chance to passengers and crew members to do not very expensive phone calls and write text messages from their Apple iOS or Android devices while at sea.
Communication is not easy at sea, the newly developed technology gives people clear connection but technology that also work with ship's wi-fi network.
Why this app is better than others? 'Connect at Sea' is designed for the maritime industry and delivers high voice quality while need low bandwidth. Besides, customers do not have to buy an Internet plan to use the app and can download it from iTunes or the Android store.
Today's cruisers are looking for more possibilities for using their mobile device while on sea. People expect to be able to make calls from anywhere in the world without issue and crew require a service that helps them to stay in touch with family and friends while at sea.