US Long Beach's takes delivery of a Underwater Inspection System

By Curious

Long Beach Police Department received of Coda Octopus Underwater Inspection System (UIS™) system.
The Port of Long Beach is the 2nd busiest sea port in the US and is a main gateway for trade with Asia, operating over 6 million containers every year. The UIS™ system that is including Echoscope® real-time 3D sonar system is going to be used mainly for underwater inspections of the port's ten piers and 80 berths and other critical infrastructure of the port. It is also going to be used for preventative support such as keeping the shipping channels clear of unsafe debris and other objects.
Blair Cunningham, who is President of the Coda Octopus told in a statement: "Given the transparent size of the port, the benefits of the quick mounting and real-time 3D visualization ability is going to be considerable to the port's security effort. The Coda Octopus UIS™ 3D system has proven to be an invaluable instrument for port security. By using its real-time 3D abilities it secures instant high quality images of possible hazards enabling the fastest understanding of the nature of the hazard so that relevant resources might be mobilized without any loss of time. LBPD is also going to obtain our advanced patented Survey Explorer™ system that creates in real-time 3D a very detailed high quality image with sharp edges while discarding 'noise' in the image produced by, for instance, passing fish or floating debris."