Shipping Canal is closed because of a Stanlow oil spillage

By Accidents

Operation for cleaning-up the canal is under way after an oil spill led to close a stretch of Manchester Ship Canal in Cheshire.
The 4,5-tonne spillage at the Stanlow refinery in Ellesmere Port on Sunday morning led to the waterway being closed.
A spokesman for Essar Oil, that runs the refinery, told the spill had been caused by a processing problem, that had since been fixed.
The canal is going to be inspected on Tuesday morning to see if it might be opened.
The spokesman told in a statement the company had "made solid progress in recovering the quantity amount of discharged oil".
He also added, production at the site had not been damaged by the spill or the processing issue.
A spokesman for Peel Ports told the closing had been "a completely safety measure to avoid passing ships spreading the oil into a wider zone than that already affected".
He also stated that 1 vessel had been prevented from leaving the canal and others due to arrive had "been stopped of the temporary closure, accessing them to slow steam, arriving a bit later than planned".
"Other cargo vessel is going to be discharged in Liverpool and moved by road," he told.