Mississippi River Closed - resuming the traffic? [update]

By Vessels

The U.S. Coast Guard is about to be opened for ships, a part of the Mississippi River near Greenville, Mississippi. The area was shut because of shallow water.
Southbound traffic will be next.
There were about 50 ships waiting to move north and 55 southbound at the safety area between mile markers 530 and 535.
The water near Greenville was dangerous for sailing since July. The region was save for sailing to one-way traffic late yesterday until a vessel grounded.
Inland waterways are pretty important for the country. The most of the nation’s grain exports, 20% of domestic petroleum and 20% of coal used to produce electricity.

Dredging low-water areas is the necessary plan for starting the traffic again. There is a need of 5 days for the situation to be back to normal.
Each of the ships, or boats, may be moving 25 to 35 barges under low-water conditions, compared with 35 to 45 barges during normal conditions.