Robot balloon cranes will impact the seaports

By Curious

United States goods sold worldwide or iPad shipped from China makes one of 500 million journeys aboard vessel containers sailing in oceans — a journey that ends at deep-water ports built in such way that can handle docking and offloading the largest cargo vessels. Now a U.S. innovator intend to give every city or town an instant seaport with his vision for robot cranes floating in the sky beneath giant balloons.
Such technology could span long distances like the 50-mile (80 kilometers) long Panama Canal that is the connection between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to aid move containers during shipping traffic gridlock, or could allow fast supply lines for the U.S. Navy and Marines when supporting military actions or humanitarian relief efforts during disasters.
What is the main idea? It could make shipping economics upside down for 90% of the world's trade goods by offloading containers from offshore vessels without any harbors or seaports.