USCG Accepted Rescue 21 SAR System

By Curious

General Dynamics C4 Technology-built Rescue 21 search and rescue communications system officially approved by USCG Sector Buffalo.
The live-saving Rescue 21 technology uses modern direction-finding systems and digital communications, accessing Coast Guard staff to respond promptly and efficiently to calls from suffered sailors out to at least 20 n.m. from shore. It also allows better effectiveness in responding to security and marine environmental threats.
Rescue 21 system also delivers enhanced information sharing and interoperability with users of the Department of Homeland Security’s wide-zone network OneNet initiative, as well as other federal, state and regional 1st responders. By improving inter-agency collaboration, the Coast Guard is more effective in doing their divers homeland security missions.
Rescue 21 system towers and command offices are also made to accommodate additional sensors and command and control equipment, that is going to deliver new and cost-effective capabilities to the Coast Guard’s overarching mission.
General Dynamics company C4 Systems, which is a business unit of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), is the major contractor for Rescue 21.

Rescue 21 system monitors over 41,800 miles of U.S. coastline.