On Saturday (Jan 16) at 03:45 Tokyo time the small tanker SUNWAY MARU collided with aggregate carrier DAIFUKU MARU NO.8 in Tokyo Bay.

The tanker with oil on board sank vertically, with forecastle still above waterline. Oil leak was reported. On a photo SUNWAY MARU wreck.

Ship Collision in Tokyo Bay; Small tanker sank, leak reported

The aggregate carrier DAIFUKU MARU NO.8 was carrying cargo of gravel.

All 3 crew members of the sunken vessel were rescued. No data found on tanker, except length, 30 meters and gross tonnage, 92 tons. Most probably, small coastal vessel isn’t registered in international databases.

The 437-dwt aggregate carrier DAIFUKU MARU NO.8 is built 1989, sailing under the flag Japan. The vessel is owned and operated by the shipping company SHINEI KISEN.

Source: www.nautilia.gr