Carnival Sensation: A girl-passenger was Raped onboard

By Accidents

A thirty-one-year-old male traveler on Carnival Sensation cruise ship was arrested Monday on a federal sex charge 1 day after ostensibly participating in a gang rape of a fifteen-year-old female cruiser. There were 4 others, boys under the age of eighteen, who are suable of participating, however none of them have been arrested.
The details, according to a criminal petition filed by the FBI and the United States Attorney's Office, are: Casey Dickerson has invited the victim, her fifteen-year-old female friend and 4 teenage boys back to his stateroom, where he supplied them with liquor alcohol. Casey Dickerson and his 4 teenage boys allegedly took turns attacking the victim, while her friend was locked in the bathroom.
After the 2 girls were freed, the victim proceeded to the medical center on Carnival Sensation cruise ship, where the girl received medical treatment and a rape kit was administered.
According to the warning, Casey Dickerson denied the charges, stating that "he was drunk and that he didn't know when anything got 'sexual.'" Casey Dickerson, that is married, did confessed to the FBI that he had sex with girl other than his wife on the cruise.
Also marked was the fact that Casey Dickerson and his wife were given admission to a 2nd cabin because they had complained about a noise problem with their 1st room. They remained key cards to both rooms.
A judge has found Casey Dickerson to be a threat to the society and ordered that he be jailed until trial.
Carnival cruise company told in a statement Wednesday claiming that it is completely collaborating with law enforcement officials and that upon learning of the accident Carnival officials " instantly contacted all relevant authorities, which included and the FBI." Casey Dickerson was taken into arrest Sunday morning when the cruise liner arrived at its homeport of Port Canaveral. Carnival Sensation cruise ship operates year-round 3- and 4-day cruises from the Florida port.