Ferry vessel Ran aground near the Philippines with 221 people onboard

By Accidents

Tacloban city - the Philippine Coast Guard has saved all the two-hudred-twenty-one travelers and crew members of M/V Super Shuttle Ferry 15 which ran aground off the coast of Merida, Leyte late on Tuesday night.
Probationary Ensign Jamaal Aceron, who is the officer – in-charge at the Philippine Coast Guard Ormoc when the accident happened, told the ferry vessel encountered engine issue around 11:05 p.m. on Tuesday, 2 hours after it left the Ormoc port for Cebu City.
“All travelers and crew members are now safe and the ferry owner facilitated their travel to Cebu City this morning. There are 4 people of the Philippine Coast Guard, who are now in the vessel to conduct investigation,” Aceron commented.
Of the 221 people on board of the M/V Super Shuttle Ferry 15, 185 are travelers and 36 crew members. Aceron commented that 6 travelers stayed in the vessel until Thursday afternoon to watch for their cargoes.
Tug vessel were deployed by PCG midnight to save stranded travelers and brought them to the nearest sea port in Isabel, Leyte. The ferry owner, M/V Super Shuttle Ferry 23 also aided the rescue efforts.
The PCG also sought the help of regional police to save the area while travelers were waiting for rescue team.
“The ship was checked prior to departure but unexpectedly it encountered auxiliary engine issue and power failure within the coastal zone of Merida, Leyte,” Aceron told.