Sulphur dioxide in EU ports down 66%

By Curious

Sulphur dioxide is down 66% in EU ports. Fighting air pollution was really success for the European Union.
The countries tried to cut levels of sulphur dioxide in ports.
New rules were started in 2010, and have had a big impact on air quality levels, and have been written down by specialists at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC).
Scientist collected the data in Mediterranean harbors before and after the entry into force of the low-sulphur requirements 2 years ago. They discovered a stark reduction in the level of sulphur dioxide, going down 66%.
This results compared to other non-EU ports showed that the pollution in these ports were the same, with no change.
Air monitoring system was set up on the Concordia class cruise ship Costa Pacifica which sailed to a determined weekly route in the western Mediterranean during 2009 and 2010. Results showed dramatic drop of the sulphur dioxide.
Sulphur dioxide very serous air pollutant, and can provoke acid rain as well as producing fine dust. This can dramatically impact the health, causing respiratory and cardiovascular diseases and reducing life expectancy in the EU by up to 2 years.