Carnival Breeze cruise ship was Blown Off Moorings by wind Gusts

By Cruise

Wind gusts of up to seventy miles per hour pulled Carnival Breeze cruise ship from its moorings early on Sunday evening while ship's embarkation in Venice, Italy. There are no injured and the cruise ship is undamaged.
According to a statement of Carnival cruise company, once the vessel started pulling away from the pier, the captain performed a safety maneuver which stabilized its movement of the huge cruise liner. Though the gangways were attached when the cruise vessel started pulling at its moorings, they were instantly disengaged, told the Carnival spokesman Vance Gulliksen in a statement.
An hour later the accident, the cruise liner was able to re-dock with the help of tug vessels and embarkation resumed.
The cruise director, Butch Begovich, of Carnival Breeze also took to Carnival cruise director John Heald's Facebook page to update the information on the unhappy situation.
"2 mooring lines broke and the captain instantly ordered the freed of the other lines," he posted. "The captain maneuvered the cruise liner at an angle in the port to evade and damage to the cruise vessel. I made some announcements of the emergency address system with the advisement of the captain keeping our passengers informed of the situation."
Carnival Breeze cruise ship was embarking guests for an eleven-night Mediterranean voyage. The cruise liner overnighted in Venice, Italy as planned and departed on Monday on time.