MSC Flaminia is Still Waiting its Inspection before heading to Germany

By Curious

The UK’s Secretary of State’s Representative for Marine Salvage and Intervention (SOSREP) Hugh Shaw, has requested that the burned container ship MSC Flaminia is still remaining in a position thirty miles south of Lands End in order to permit SMIT Salvage to stabilise the container vessel.
This is in preparation for an international inshore state supervision team to board MSC Flaminia to carry out an evaluation prior to her getting authorization to proceed to German territorial waters.
The team of 6 people includes professionals in maritime salvage and fire fighting. The specialists need to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the container vessel to make sure it is safe to transit the English Channel, Dover Strait and other coastal state waters during the passage to the German port of call.
Salvors are still working to reduce the temperatures on the board of the burned ship MSC Flaminia. The supervision team is going to be able to carry out their work once these dangers are eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level and weather give them the opportunity to board the container ship.
Once the inspection is ready the ship is going to remain at its holding position thirty miles south of Lands End until the coastal states engaged have had time to reckon the report. They are then going to define if there are any other requirements before the vessel commences her transit towards German waters.
Hugh Shaw, SOSREP told in his statement:
“Until the coastal state inspectorate has taken place, and the results passed to the other coastal states en-route, the burned container ship MSC Flaminia is not going to be given permission to proceed to Germany. SMIT Salvage is going to inform the UK and German authorities when they are satisfied that any dangers have been reduced to an eligible level and that it is then safe for the UK, French and German team to board the casualty and carry out the inspection of the container ship MSC Flaminia.”