Still searching for US sergeant Overboard of Carnival Cruise ship

By Accidents

A thirty-one-year-old man felt overboard from Carnival Fascination this week in sight of a vessel security officer, but the accident wasn't a suicide.
The accident that occurred in the early hours of Aug 28, 2012 as the cruise liner was 30 miles off of Cape Canaveral, Florida, involved a U.S. Army sergeant that was taking a trip before shipping out to duty in Afghanistan. The man overboard is Sergeant Ronald Kemp, was intoxicated and had entered a crew-only zone of the cruise vessel. There he was confronted by a female crew member, that told him to leave. A physical confrontation ensued, during what time a security officer pepper sprayed Kemp, who then fled. Security gave chase, and Kemp ran up to the Veranda deck, which is 1 deck above the Lido deck. In order to avoid security, he jumped over the railing, falling 1 level and landing on the Lido lounge, and then continued to flee before grabbing a life ring and leaping overboard.
Carnival cruise company couldn't confirm any further information beyond its prepared statement, that told, "earlier this morning at nearly 2:05 a.m., a thirty-one-year-old male passenger was witnessed jumping overboard from the Carnival Fascination cruise ship while the ship was roughly 30 n.m. off the coast of Cape Canaveral. Several life rings were instantly thrown into the water, and the vessel performed a maneuver aimed to take it back to the position where the overboard occurred.
"The vessel's command instantly warned all relevant authorities, including the U.S. Coast Guard, and began search and rescue actions. Carnival Fascination cruise ship was freed from the search by the U.S. Coast Guard earlier this morning. However, the U.S.C.G. keeps searching and rescue operations. Carnival's CareTeam is reaching out to the missing passenger's family to suggest support."