Delay in the Ransom killed a hijacked crew member

By Accidents

Somali pirates that hold a kidnapped vessel for already 2 years killed a Syrian hostage from the crew members and have wounded another one crew member.
This is already believed to be the 1st time Somali pirates have killed a hostage because of a slowdown in ransom giving.
Hassan Abdi, who is the commander of the Somali pirates in Haradhere town, a key pirate center, told that the killing action was a missive to the owners of the hijacked vessel MV Orna, a bulk cargo ship owned by a company in the UAE, sailing under the flag of Panama that was hijacked off Seychelles in 2010.
Somali pirates kidnapped the crew members and the bulk cargo vessel MV Orna after firing rocket propelled grenades and small arms at the vessel in December 2010, when it was about four hundred miles northeast off the Seychelles.