CMA CGM announced today the improvement of its service from US Gulf Coast and US East Coast to a broaden range of West African destinations.

Starting March 9th, 2016 with m/v CMA CGM CHATEAU D'IF voy. 062PGW, PEX 3 service operated with 11 vessels of 5,000 TEU will connect with efficiency the US cargo to West Africa on EURAF services through the hub of Tangiers.

CMA CGM to improve its service between US Gulf/US East Coast and West Africa

Container ship CMA CGM CHATEAU D'IF Image: lappino / shipspotting

Major features will be the following:

  • Improvement of US service with new weekly calls at CharlestonMobile and Jacksonville in addition to the current call at Houston to West Africa with competitive transit times.
  • Shortened transit time up to 6 days from Houston. Apapa (Nigeria) is now reached in 34 days, Luanda (Angola) in 34 days with a weekly frequency, Pointe Noire (Congo) in 40 days, Tema (Ghana) in 39 days.
  • Increased service reliability for cargo to West Africa North range as the transhipment is reduced to one in Europe instead of two.

Source: CMA CGM