Four Korean people held hostage by Somali pirates for over 500 days

By Piracy

4 South Korean crew members have been held hostage for so many days with conversations between a Singaporean shipping firm and Somali bandits to free them showing no signs of reaching an agreement.
The kidnappers asked for a lot of money in order to release the hostages.
Sailors are in good health, 1 of them even have spoken to his family. The drama started April 2011 when MT Gemini was kidnapped near Kenya.
Among 25 sailors on board, the 21 non-Korean people were freed November 2011 after the Somali gang agreed to release all the sailors and the hijacked ship after being paid money. But the pirates broke the agreement of releasing all the hostages keeping the 4 Koreans.
Seoul government has policy not to negotiate with criminals and for that reason all negotiations are between the pirates and Singaporean shipping company.