US Airways recently became what it calls the 1st U.S. carrier that offer coach-class clients the option to choose a "premium meal option" on international flights.

A premium meal means that travelers get a little taste of 1st or business class in economy. As is generally the case with 1st or business class which option comes with an extra charge -- 19.99 dollars.

There are 2 premium options in the premium meal. The first one: vegetarian meal comes with a hummus and cracker appetizer, Portobello mushroom tortellini, Caprese salad with balsamic dressing, and turtle cheesecake. The seconds one: meat meal comes with citrus-marinated chicken skewers, grilled vegetables, shrimp cocktail, and crème brulee cheesecake for a dessert. Each of the meals are in a box not in a plastic as usual and look like gifts.

The grilled vegetables are lined up in an ideal color-coded row in their little section. The chicken skewers are amazingly glazed and carefully positioned. The cheesecake is topped with a strawberry. Both meals come with a mini-bottle of wine. Considering that a glass of wine costs about 7 dollars in coach class on most internal flights.