Costa Concordia: Specialists blame captain and firm

By Vessels

Investigation reports have blamed the Captain of the Costa Concordia for the incident in which 32 died. But there are rumors showing that the Costa company has fault too.
Captain Francesco Schettino was accused for making a dangerous manoeuvre which ended when the vessel ran aground off the Tuscan coast.
He was blamed of causing a shipwreck, manslaughter and leaving the vessel before all passengers were safe.
Investigations are not over yet. The Captain and 8 more people will be in court next month.
The company is probably guilty for poor training in emergency procedures for the staff. Another problem was the language barrier interfering the understanding of emergency instructions spoken in Italian.
Evacuation of the passengers was described by themselves as a chaos, jumping in the water and swimming to the island.
last people onboard were taken by helicopters just before the vessel met the rocks off Giglio Island.