World Record Depth in the Oil Drilling in Gulf of Mexico

By Curious

FPSO BW Pioneer, moored some 250 km. off the coast of the State of Louisiana in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, is the 1st FPSO to produce oil and gas in the Gulf, with processing capacity of 80k barrels of oil and 500,000 cm3 gas every day, and storage facilities for 500k barrels of oil. It is moored at a world-record water depth of 2,500 meters.
The Chinook 4 production well was drilled and completed in Lower Tertiary reservoirs (formed among twenty-three and sixty-five million years ago), a promising offshore research frontier situated at a depth of around 8,000 metres. The well is connected to the FPSO by a system incorporating subsea equipment and lines, in addition to free-standing risers (vertical production lines). Oil is going to be shifted to shore on shuttle tankers, and gas through pipelines.
Petrobras is the 1st company to develop an oilfield in the Gulf of Mexico using these technologies, tried and tested with very good results in Brazil.
The Cascade and Chinook development schemes were deployed in complete compliance with Petrobras' Safety, Environment, Energy Efficiency and Health guidelines, and these standards are going to be strictly maintained throughout this new production phase.