The US-flagged Merchant vessel with Anti-piracy Weaponry onboard was Released

By Curious

Nexus Consulting, reported an 'administrative mistake' had led to the Venezuala detention of a US-flagged vessel.
Background: Venezuelan naval authorities arrested a U.S. vessel's captain early Thursday after 3 assault rifles were found onboard of the US ship. An embassy official told the captain of the Ocean Atlas was being held for an supposed infraction "involving documentation for 3 rifles carried onboard of the ship as part of the vessel's anti-piracy security package."
Relevant extracts from Nexus' news that were release are as follows:
Nexus Consulting is proud to state that all charges against the captain and crew members of the US-Flagged ship Ocean Atlas detained in Venezuela have been dropped. The ship is eventually on its way home, with all crew members, cargo and anti-piracy weaponry having been returned by the Venezuelan government as of 1800 Sept 14th.
Nexus Consulting would like to thank the marine unions SIU and AMO as well as Congressman Delahunt of Massachusetts and the owners and all the operators for their assistance during this ordeal. As much as Nexus Consulting wanted to publicly answer to critical comments made well before all of all the facts were known, the safety of the crew members was supreme, and Nexus chose to stay silent on the story in order to not jeopardize any crewmembers' safety.