Captain Missing, Crew Saved, Listing General Cargo Vessel Abandoned Off Taiwan

By Accidents

The Captain of a general cargo vessel New Lucky III sailing under the flag of Hong Kong loaded with logs went missing on Saturday after his ship began to list dangerously and lost its power in high winds and heavy seas off the northern coast of Taiwan.
According to information of Taiwan, the 7,716 DWT cargo vessel,New Lucky III, was cruising some thirty-five nautical miles off the coast of Bali when it was battered by enormous waves, causing the ship to list and forcing the crew members to send out a distress signal at about 12:50 p.m. local time.
A search and saving operation by Taiwan’s National Search and Rescue Command Center led to the rescue of sixteen members of the crew, but the Filipino Captain is informed to have been swept overboard during the operation and is still missing.
The rescued crew members include three Chinese, three Filipinos and ten Indonesians that are currently being kept in Keelung, Taiwan.
The New Lucky III is believed to still be adrift and posing a threat to navigation. Initial statements indicate that the ship began listing after the logs shifted with the rolling of the vessel.