The Vessel Traffic System's Campaign "Accident Zero" was Launched by IMO

By Curious

International Maritime Organization Secretary-General releases initiative with International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation & Lighthouse Authorities (IALA).
The Secretary-General of IMO, Koji Sekimizu, during his closing address to the IALA Vessel Traffic System (VTS) Symposium in Istanbul, Turkey, praised the safety record of the Turkish Straits VTS that came into service in 2003, and encouraged IALA and Vessel Traffic System operators to undertake an initiative in that ports, harbours, straits and sea zones with VTS would count, and publicise, the number of consecutive accident-free days.
Mr. Sekimizu told that since the introduction of the modern, advanced VTS in the Strait of Istanbul, the Strait of Çanakkale, and the Marmara Sea, there had been no big incident and it had been a considerable achievement to support such a record over nearly a decade.
He also added that, in order to promote safety and encourage all counterparties involved, a clear concept – akin to a corporate safety culture – for all those with an interest in safe navigation in the Straits, and in zones covered by Vessel Traffic Systems must be created to ensure that everybody is working along to achieve a common objective. “For me,” he told “the phrase ‘Accident 0’ encapsulates the overall objective.”
Mr. Sekimizu asked IALA to consider this objective and develop, along with him, an ‘Accident Zero’ campaign all over the world, and to start this campaign from Istanbul, Turkey. He also told that, “with a solid, good track record of operation under one of the most advanced VTS, I think Istanbul is ideally placed to be the standard-bearer for a worldwide ‘Accident Zero’ campaign.”