Naval exercise of warships near to Iran

By Accidents

Some countries are making naval exercise in the Strait of Hormuz which is located neat to Iran.
Why this location? Probably the choice was in purpose - in case of attack by U.S. or Israel, Iran will try to cut the world’s biggest oil route.
In near future a lot of warships will be deployed in the Strait of Hormuz. In this naval exercise a lot of countries participated.
If the Strait of Hormuz is blocked it will be a disaster for the economies around the world. Without the oil supplies the big economies will suffer a lot.
Benjamin Netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israel) is concerned that Iran would acquire nuclear weapons in 6 months and that has to be prevented in his words.
But Tehran (Iran) will not stay without doing nothing if it is attacked. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps commander Mohammad Ali Jafari announced that “our response to Israel is clear. I think nothing will remain of Israel. Given Israel’s small land area and its vulnerability to a massive volume of Iran’s missiles, I don’t think any spot in Israel will remain safe”. But the Iranian General told that Iran would not make the first step to attack.