Three Cruise Ships have been Arrested for unpaid wages

By Cruise

There are 2 cruise vessels of the cruise line Classic International Cruises that were arrested in Marseilles, France on 17th of September, 2012.
The 17,000-ton, 580-guest Athena and 800-guest Princess Danae were detained in the French port for failure to pay crew salaries and fuel costs.
There is a 3rd cruise vessel of Classic International Cruises, the 6,000-ton Arion, which was told to be detained in Montenegro for similar reasons.
Travelers on the board of the cruise ship Athena - that had been chartered by Belgian tour company All Ways - were repatriated to Belgium, but the crew members of both cruise vessels were still on the board.
The accident comes just 2 weeks after Princess Danae was arrested in Dublin for non-payment of a 94 000 dollars fuel bill. It was detained on August 30, 2012 but allowed to departure after an agreement was reached over the disputed bill.
The latest accident 1st came to light when member Pax106 posted on a forum in internet a message boards asking what was going on with the company.
He wrote:
“Do you know what is happening with cruise ship Athena? She is actually arrested in Marseille, France along with Princess Danae due to lack of payment of salaries from Shipowners. Arion another cruise ship of the fleet is also arrested in Kotor. It seems that the Shipowners disappeared...
“Can anyone say what is happening with this company?”
Managing director Chris Lorenzo said in his statement: “The cruise line continues to run, so there aren't any problems in that respect. The cruise vessels are chartered through tour operators, so the bulk of the business is through charters. There are some planned cruises, but not departing from UK ports, part from selling some departures into Australia and back again.
Asked if it was business as usual, Mr Lorenzo replied: “We haven't heard anything more.”