VIDEO of the collision between Norwegian Star and Explorer of the Seas

By Accidents

On September 14, 2012 a squall blew through the Royal Dockyard of Bermuda where a pair of cruise liners, the Norwegian Star and Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas, were both were docked.
Weather conditions vary on the ferocity of the winds, however gusts among forty-five and seventy-five knots were obviously enough to overpower the Norwegian Star’s mooring lines and she soon found herself adrift, and being pushed toward the stern of the Explorer of the Seas.
Bermudian Transport Minister Walter Roban told to reporters, ”We are looking forward to the investigation and whatever it might show us so we may learn to be ready for the next time. Every precaution was taken on that day. I can confirm this accident is being fully investigated to document the actions which were taken by all people and entities concerned and involved prior, during and after the squall passed over the Dockyard zone.”
Here is the VIDEO of the collision.
In what seems to be an embarrassing comment, Minister Roban continues…
“I'd like to be clear in saying that the intent of the post mortem or investigation isn't to define cause or apportion blame, it is to determine how we might be better prepared to deal with and respond to a similar situation could it occur in the future.”