APL's Vice President suspected for gun smuggling in Dubai

By Curious

Steve Dolan, 57-year-old from U.S. and 3 more people are suspected for gun smuggling in Dubai. Dolan insist he is not guilty and does not know about the illegal firearms in the country. The weapons were discovered in a cargo container coming from Turkey and going to Djibouti transporting miscellaneous goods.
Steve Dolan is Vice President of APL Emirates LLC and was charged for smuggling weapons. He has to stay in Dubai and wait for his case to be held in the court.
He rejects all charges and informs that he didn't know of the illegal cargo transported. While being questioned he says that he was given a document in Arabic. He informs that he doesn't know what the charges are.
Dolan works for APL Emirates LLC for almost 27 years and has a good record. His 3 co-workers from Sri Lanka and India are also charged.
Some U.S. lawmakers are interested in Dolan's case but no information is available for the moment.