The general cargo vessel Purple Beach suffered water ingress in the engine room in the Sunday morning (Apr 10 ), at the Lüneburg Quay in Wilhelmshaven, Germany where she was berthed since Aug 20, 2015.

Water ingress in Purple Beach engine room at Lüneburg Quay in Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Image: Johannes Koopmann

The crew had remarked an increase of the ship's draught and found, that 400-500 cbm water had flooded the engine room.

The fire rescue was called to pump the oil contaminated water into tanks, divers investigated the hull and patched a leak.

On Monday (Apr 11) work was still ongoing. The ship had suffered a fire in the cargo of fertilizers in May 2015. It was unknown how much of the cargo was actually still inside the cargo holds.

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Source: NDR