The 1,720t vertical lay system (VLS) was transported by Jumbo’s mv Fairmaster from La Rochelle in France to Brattvaag in Norway, destined for the largest vessel in Solstad’s fleet.

The 1,720t vertical lay system (VLS) of Normand Maximus was transported by Jumbo’s mv Fairmaster from La Rochelle in France to Brattvaag in Norway

The VLS, measuring 32x16x44 meters is one of the main features of the 178 meters long subsea construction vessel Normand Maximus.

The VLS was fully assembled in 6 months time, following its delivery by mv Jumbo Jubilee from Gdynia in Poland.

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The BN 830 Normand Maximus arrived at Vard Brattvaag for final outfitting in December 2015. The VLS was shipped in January 2016.

Upon arrival at the port of Brattvaag, the mv Fairmaster placed the VLS, including its foundation, onboard Normand Maximus.

After the delivery in Q2 2016, Normand Maximus will work for Saipem on an 8-year charter agreement.