Jamaica - cruise passenger arrivals

By Cruise

Jamaica has informed an increase of 24% in cruise passenger visits in 2011, almost 200, 000 more in comparison with 2010.
In 2011 around 2m tourists visited the country of which 36.8 were from the cruise industry.
People visited Jamaica in 2011 spent an average of $115 per day in other hand visitors from cruises spent an average $71 per day.
Money spent in some regions like Falmouth was more compared to regions like Octho Rios and Montego Bay.
Government has made a bigger list of items that can be sold duty free.
The new Falmouth port helped a lot for the increased number of visitors.
Would you like to know which ship has carried the most of the people visited Jamaica for 2011?
The answer is: Oasis of the Seas.