Update: The Black Box of the collided LPG tanker Norgas Cathinka and the Passenger Ferry was Found

By Accidents

Norgas Carriers Pte. Ltd., which is based in Singapore stated yesterday that the data from the Voyage Data Recorder ("Black Box") from its operated ship the Norgas Cathinka has successfully been recovered and is now in the safe custody of the Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC).
Data from the Voyage Data Recorder (Black Box) is including voice and radar evidence from the bridge of the ship that collided with a passenger ferry in the Sunda Strait in the early hours of 26th of September, 2012.
The data from the "Black Box" was removed under the guidance and control of the NTSC officials. Also the police was on the damaged ship during this process.
Norgas Carriers believes the "Black Box" data is containing vital evidence about the movements of both ships before the vessels collided.
The "Black Box" records the movements of the Norgas Cathinka in the moments before the collision as well as the movements of the passenger ferry KMP Bahuga Jaya. It also records communication to and from the vessel and records voices on the bridge. It also records the movement of other vessels and their AIS identification.
Both and the passenger ferry and the LPG tanker collided each other on the bow and after the collision the ferry lost its stability and Norgas Carriers believes the evidence shows this probably caused it to sink with the tragic loss of some lives.
The LPG tanker Norgas Cathinka is anchored safely at Merak Roads, Indonesia and official investigations into the accident are continuing. The vessel is in need of temporary repairs and the damages are preliminary assessed to be about US$250,000.
Norgas Carriers that is a wholly owned subsidiary of I.M. Skaugen SE of Norway is co-operating fully with the inquiry into the accident that is being conducted by the Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee.