Costa Concordia Update: A Bulgarian seafarer was awarded as "Seafarer of the Year"

By Curious

Lloyd’s List just awarded the crew member of the sunk ship Costa Concordia with their ‘Seafarer of the Year’ Award to the Bulgarian crew member Peter Petrov:
Seafarer of the Year
Winner: The Crew Member of the Costa Concordia, nominated by Magsaysay.
When the cruise vessel Costa Concordia hit a reef off the island of Giglio on January 13, international attention inevitably focused on the actions of the captain. But what was largely missed in the media storm which followed were the genuine examples of bravery and professionalism showed by members of the crew. There were 4,229 passengers on the board of the ship at the time of the casualty and while the tragic loss of life caused by this regrettable accident is rightly going to be the subject of forensic investigations for some time to come, it must not be forgotten that without the skilled response of the majority of the crew members, the loss of life could have been far higher. The judges this year concurred with the view of Filipino crewing suppliers Magsaysay that nominated their crew aboard but also wanted to acknowledge the bravery of others, that the actions of the professional and honourable seamen that night must be publically recognised.