Hong Kong's accident Update: After 38 Victims there are still 9 in Critical condition

By Accidents

There are 9 of the 100 people who were taken to hospitals after the Hong Kong passenger ferry disaster remain in critical or serious wealth condition today. Crew members have found 38 bodies in the 1st of October, 2012 collision, with search and rescue actions to continue for the next 2 days, told the Fire Services Department.
The master and 2 seamen from the sunken ship Lamma IV and the captain and 3 seafarers of the 274gt ferry Sea Smooth were arrested for questioning, but “6 of the arrestees are released on bail, pending further enquiries and are required to inform back in mid-October”, the police spokesman told. Police commissioner Tsang Wai-hung told the reporters: “We have come to the suspicion that the crew members responsible for manning the 2 ships have not exercised the care required of them by law to ensure the safety of the ships. “It is on this basis that they have been arrested to assist police enquiries,” he added.
John Whitlow, who is International Transport Workers’ Federation secretary told: “It's deeply regrettable that crew from both ships have been arrested. The priority need be to quickly discover what has gone wrong and stop it happening again – not to risk terrifying crew members into silence.” TT Chung, who is general secretary of the Merchant Navy Officers' Guild, Hong Kong, told: “This tragical accident has been a dreadful reminder of all that we strive to prevent. … We all hope that the lessons to be learned are going to be learned in a reasoned way, and are not going to be clouded by any reflexive search for someone to blame.” The 2 ships were carrying an estimated 120 or more people when they crashed near the outlying island of Lamma. Lamma IV is owned by Hong Kong Electric that is controlled by billionaire Li Ka-shing; Sea Smooth’s operator is listed as Hong Kong & Kowloon Ferry Holdings.