One seaman killed, 2 injured in fire on Taiwanese vessel Shun Cheng

By Accidents

Fire on a Taiwanese-owned vessel was a crew member’s mistake authorities in the northern city of Hai Phong stated.
Crew member, during repair works on Saturday, caused a fire on a ship Shun Cheng that took 1 victim and 2 others injured.
Vietnam News Agency Monday quoted the Hai Phong border guards as saying that Hsueh Tien Teu, a sixty-two-year-old mechanic, was welding when sparks ignited oil in the Shun Cheng's engine room.
The ship with 6 crew members was moored near Dau Island in Hai Phong when the blaze broke out.
Upon being warned about the fire, the border guards headquarters sent 2 ships with eleven soldiers for rescue actions.
Five of the crew members were saved, but Hsueh had been trapped in the machine room and his body was only retrieved later that day after the fire was put out.