Maldives and Puntland Agree to Freed Somali Imprisoned for Illegal Entry

By Curious

Garowe, Somalia — the director of Puntland's Counter-Piracy directorate Abdirasak Mohamed Dirir went to Maldives to perform discussions of releasing forty Somali youth imprisoned in the islands, Garowe since 2009 for illegally entering the country.
Mr. Dirir accompanied by officials from UNODC met with the Maldives Minister of Defense and Security, Mohamed Nazim, Maldives State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hassan Saeed and Chief of Police Abdullah Riyaz.
After the meetings Mr. Abdirasak Mohamed Dirir told that the meeting has been successful in completing the agreement among Puntland and Maldives to freed the forty youth from Puntland.
"Our aim was to wrap up the agreement by Puntland and Maldives to release the 40 prisoners that are currently being held in Maldives. Thanks to God the youth are going to be heading home as quick as possible," stated Director Dirir.
Speaking to media Mr. Dirir also told that they were ecstatic that they could finally be able to go home to their families. The prisoners were also given permission to talk to their families and update them on their status.
The youth are expected to go back to Puntland in the coming days.