One of the cheapest EU Airline to charge for hand luggage

By Cruise

Wizz Air that flies from Luton, Liverpool, Doncaster/Sheffield and Glasgow, to destinations through Europe, is going to introduce the £9 (€10) charge on all its services departing on or after 24th of October, 2012.
The action follows a month-long trial on flights among Luton and Katowice, in Poland.
Passengers that carry hand luggage larger than 42cm x 32 cm x 25 cm must pay for fee, while smaller bags are going to be permitted on board free of charge as long as they might be fitted underneath the seat.
From Wizz Air told the policy is going to allow it to reduce fares by £4.05 (€5) a flight, but a number of travelers may resist. A survey by the flight comparison website Skyscanner recently revealed strong opposition to the charge, with 88 % of passengers saying they would choose to fly with an alternative airline rather than pay up the charge.
Wizz Air is the first EU airline to introduce a charge for carrying hand luggage, but the policy has already been adopted by a handful of North American carriers, which includes Spirit Airlines and Allegiant Air.
This week Spirit Airlines announced that it will be increasing the cost of carrying hand luggage to among $35 (£22) and $100 (£62) for a person, depending on when travelers choose to pay.
The $100 fee is applying to those who opt to pay at the departure gate. Those who pay at the check-in desk are going to be charged $50 (£31), while those who pay online are going to be charged $35.