Isle of Wight passenger ferry crashes in buoy outside harbour

By Accidents

Early Friday morning the passenger ferry Isle of Wight lost power as it was leaving Portsmouth Harbour and hit a buoy. Travelers on board catamaran Wight Ryder I had to return to port.
It meant the ship could not be steered and it struck the 4-bar buoy in the approach to the harbour.
The ship turned around and off-loaded its travelers before engineers went on board to inspect the catamaran.
Fortunately there are no injured people.
‘Wight Ryder I suffered a temporary loss of its power on the way out of Portsmouth Harbour. It resulted in a loss of steering and a little collision with the buoy.
‘Engineers carried out checks on the engines but it hasn't been established what caused it.’
The Queen’s Harbour Master has put out a notice to seamen warning them of the injury to the buoy.
The top mark of the buoy has been removed and a permanent light fitted while repairs are carried out.
The 4-bar buoy is being used to mark the approach channel to Portsmouth Harbour.
It warns big vessels where there are places of low water around the entrance to the port where it is unsafe for them to travel.