Titanic II project to be revealed in New York

By Vessels

The idea for making a ship like the tragic Titanic will be revealed in New York in 2 months (December 2012).
The new Titanic 2 is built with 800 rooms, 9 decks, with levels for all 3 class cabins. The plan is to keep all like the original Titanic.
But all we have to wait for 4 December when at a gala dinner all details will be showed to the public.
Cliver Palmer, the Australian mining tycoon responsible for the launch announced that in the guests will be the daughter of the former US president John F. Kennedy.
There is a big interest for this interesting plan for building a new copy of the tragic Titanic. Many are hoping to book for the maiden voyage.
On board will be a casino, but the fun will be located at the 3rd class level.
The first trip is planned for 2016 starting from China where the ship will be designed and built, then to Southampton and the final stage to New York.
Same menu will include the same food offered on the original Titanic.