Exclusive: Drunk captain about to run cargo vessel aground

By Curious

The Wilson Avonmouth was in danger of running aground north of Helsingor on 10th of October, 2012, around midnight.
The drunken captain woke up at the very last minute before the accident happened.
A prompt response and great cooperation among Danish and Swedish authorities prevented the registered in Malta cargo vessel running aground north of Elsinore on Tuesday night.
Around midnight the Vessel Traffic System found that the Maltese-registered cargo vessel was heading towards ground north of Elsinore.
The vessel was southbound and had during the last hour kept the same course.
According calculations of the vessel traffic system, course and speed would lead to a grounding within nearly 30 minutes and everything therefore had to be initiated extremely swiftly and effectively to get the cargo vessel to change course.
They tried to reach the freighter by the radio continuously but without any response by the captain's side.
To contact the vessel other ships in the zone were contacted and asked to help and a rescue helicopter and the Swedish Coast Guard was deployed. 10 minutes before grounding contact was eventually made with the cargo vessel.
It swiftly changed its course away from the coast and a grounding was prevented.
The subsequent failed communication led to suspicion of drunken captain sailing and Danish police was contacted. The police wanted to clarify the circumstances, which also included conducting a search of the crew members. The police soon found out that the captain of the ship was drunk and they arrested him.