Pirates latest action to hit Rena salvage

By Piracy

In Singapore $20,000 of equipment had been stolen by a barge.
Pirates are maybe the reason for the salvage of Rena to be hampered.
No one knows what happened. Pirates are sailing probably to Tauranga.
It is suspected that pirates had been tracking the whole process of salvage.
Maybe the pirates attacked in the night, took all they could from the containers.
There are missing things like magnesium welding rods, fuel pumps, and other valuable things.

Unfortunately, the attack happened at the same time the firm lost expensive gas-cutting gear that fell into the sea along with a chunk of the Rena.
The barge is now at the Port of Tauranga being prepared as a dive station for the next step - going underwater to cut the bow down a metre below the tideline. That state of the operation is expected to finish on time before the end of the year.