On May 31, 2016, around 2 p.m. a fire broke out in the superstructure of the general cargo ship Sukran Camuz.

Smoke was blowing towards the nearby Lunapark. The Turkish-flagged vessel has been anchored in port of Mersin for a long time, detained and apparently abandoned by the owner Abdulkadir Yeniçık.

Turkish cargo ship Sukran Camuz severely damaged after fire in Mersin port

General Cargo ship Sukran Camuz on fire - Port of Mersin, Turkey, May 31, 2016 - Image: haber7

Tugs and firefighters of the Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department were deployed to the ship in an effort to keep the fire from spreading to other ships moored off the Mersin International Port (MIP).

The "Kaptan Hasan Camız" which was berthed alongside was removed from the blazing vessel as a precaution. Fire crews continued to work in cooling the ship, police and the Coast Guard teams took security measures.

The owner suspected arson as cause of the fire. Previously thieves had stolen generator cables.

The fire was extinguished within two hours. In January 2015, both the "Kaptan Hasan Camuz" and "Sukran Camuz" had to be secured after having gone adrift in a storm and were threatened to sink. On Aug 13 tugs had pulled the vessel to the outer range of the port.

Source: VesselTracker