Cargo vessel Aground in St Lawrence Seaway, Kanada

By Accidents

The upbound freighter ship Sedna Desgagnes aground near Johnstown Bridge off Prescott, Ontario.
The accident is totally out of the channel and appears to be in a shoal zone with 6 m of water or less.
The vessel is hard aground with cargo on its board. She is up at the bow a few feet and listing slightly to starboard. This is going to be a major salvage action with lightering taking place before she is pulled off her strand.
The tug boat Ocean Georgie Bain was upbound and due to reach Iroquois Locks Sunday afternoon. Multiple tug boats might be needed due to the close proximity of the bridge pilon and the very strong current that is going to take the Sedna towards it as soon as she is released from her strand.
No pollution was reported.
The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) is now deploying a Marine investigation team to Prescott, Ontario. The TSB is going to gather information and assess the occurrence.