Pirates Gather $ 2.3 Million Ransom for a Ship

By Piracy

Bossaso — Somali piracy gangsters gathered a ransom payment of 2.3 million dollars for the Greek-owned ship hijacked 8 months ago, as EUNAVFOR arrested 7 piracy suspected near Somali seas.
Informed sources tell that Somali pirates firstly demanded 9 million dollars for the Liberian-flagged ship MV Free Goddess that was hijacked by pirates on 7th of February, 2012, according to the vessel owners.
"The pirates settled ransom for 2.3 million dollars," the source also informed.
The vessel's 21 seamen from the Philippines are in good health condition.
In a separate development, Puntland's counter-piracy director Mr. Abdirizak Mohamed Ahmed (Du'aysane) stated that EUNAVFOR detained 7 piracy suspects.
"The piracy suspects were captured with weapons, ladders, and fuel," told Mr. Du'aysane.