Tourists have been killed after whale overturns their boat

By Accidents

There are 36 mainly foreign passengers that were rescued after a whale watching boat capsized in shark-infested waters off the coast of Cape Town.
There are 2 unnamed British women reportedly survived for more than 3 hours by using air pockets under the hull to breathe.
Unfortunately the ship capsizing took 2 victims in the accident on Saturday after the boat overturned in rough seas off Hout Bay, 10 miles from Cape Town.
Local fishermen and other charter vessels were warned to the accident by the vessel's alarm and were able to save thirty-three people – including 4 children – to safety within minutes.
Hout Bay rescue officials found 3 women that had been trapped under the vessel for few hours. Police divers found 1 of them, a South African, and evacuated her rapidly, but then discovered 2 more women trapped deeper inside the boat.
The women were between British, French and South Africans on the board of the Miroshge charter vessel.