Chinese Fisherman was Killed by the Coast Guard

By Accidents

A Chinese fisherman has died from his wounds sustained in a South Korean Coast Guard raid after his fishing boat entered South Korean waters in the Yellow Sea, the Korea Coast Guard reported in a faxed statement.
South Korea’s foreign ministry stated the Chinese embassy in Seoul about the death and is going to investigate the accident, the ministry stated in a text message to reporters. The ministry expressed regret over the “unfortunate” accident and submitted its condolences to the family of the dead Chinese fisherman.
Chinese fishing crew members have clashed repeatedly in last years with the coast guards and merchant ships of nearby countries, including South Korea, Vietnam and Japan. Yesterday’s murder comes amongst heightened tensions with Japan over islands claimed by both sides in an zone of the East China Sea rich in fish, oil and gas.
The raid on 2 ships occurred at 3:45 p.m. yesterday in southwestern waters, according to the statement of the Coast Guard.
An officer from the Korean Coast Guard shot and killed the fisherman during a raid on 30 Chinese vessels fishing illegally in that zone in Yellow Sea.
Last year, a Chinese seaman stabbed and killed a South Korean Coast Guard officer during a raid on his vessel. South Korea sometimes seizes Chinese vessels. In 2010, 2 Chinese seafarers were killed when their vessel overturned and sank after ramming a South Korean Coast Guard ship.
China’s territorial dispute with Japan sparked protests in some Chinese big towns last month and strained a trade relationship worth over 340 billion of dollars.