Nautical Institute: Fire in the vessel's gymnasium

By Accidents

The Nautical Institute has issued Mars Report No.53 according to the Lessons Learnt from Fire in vessel's gymnasium.
The fire has occurred in a container vessel's gymnasium. The crew members have responded correctly to the event and promptly extinguished it. As a result of the fire, there was significant smoke and fire damages to the bulkheads, ceiling and some sports equipment.
Result of investigation of the fire:
1 The overhead rail of the traveling chain hoist wasn't vertically above the bowl overhauling stand, requiring the person using it to pull on the suspended bowl assembly and guide it into the stand manually. This raised the risk of damages to fingers;
2 Although a routine risk evaluation was carried out before commencing the task, it was very generic in nature and didn't address the particular hazards and risks involved in the action;
3 Enough number of crew members were assigned for the job;
4 The 4th engineer was fully fit, alert, sufficiently rested and wearing suitable personal protective equipment (PPE). He had previously served on the same ship in the past and was fully aware with routine tasks;
5 Although the stand had been incorrectly situated ever since the ship was commissioned, no modification request was raised by vessel's staff;
6 None of the crew members assigned to the task recognized the obvious danger arising from the wrong working practice employed - i.e. positioning a big, heavy object by hand whilst it is being lowered;
7 There seems to be a training gap on the board of the ship - no senior engineer or rating had coached the young 4th engineer on safe working practices;
8 The same arrangements in the purifier room of a sister ship were right in all respects with the hoist plumbing the purifiers and the overhauling stand.