Fujairah - UAE Coast Guard detains floating weapons arsenal

By Curious

There are 12 armoury vessels sailing globally, at least 4 are operating off the coast of Fujairah.
Renting weapons to security companies for purpose to guard merchant ships, working in pirate dangerous areas. These vessels act as ammunition stores and use the fact that weapons in countries like UAE or Yemen are banned.
If you are their client you can hire whatever weapon you need like body armor, ammunition, light machine guns and more.
UAE Coast Guard detained such a ship named Sinbad, no arrests are made. It is interesting that the arms are owned by the Sri Lankan government.
Investigations are in progress.
This incident provoke the need of special regulations for this kind of business.
The problem is that all the activities are in international waters, governments can't stop this for the moment.
UAE has own regulations against transferring weapons across its borders.