Costa Concordia captain faces charges

By Curious

The captain of Costa Concordia, Francesco Schettino faces charges and accused of manslaughter of 32 passengers and for leaving the ship too early. It is known that on board there were over 300 Filipino crew members. The cruise ship capsized January this year. Schettino said about making some mistakes but more investigations has to be done in order to prove if the equipment was in good condition.
Costa Cruises informed that probably there were other things responsible for the tragedy like poor crew training, the equipment, safety procedures etc. It is known that that within 1 minute Costa Concordia was out of control because the systems went down immediately.
Court experts revealed that the sonar device was broken when the ship accident occurred. Data available from the black box will be used in the court. The shipwreck is still in the water off the Tuscan coast. Salvage team is working and the hulk is planned to be removed in the spring of 2013.