Chinese Vessel caught a fire, crew members saved by Japan

By Accidents

China today rushed a vessel to take back all 64 Chinese crewmembers saved by the Japan Coast Guard after their cargo ship caught fire in Japanese waters.
The vessel – East China Rescue 111 – is on way to the site about 450 n.m. southeast of Dachen Island of Zhejiang Province.
The Mingyang, that is a refrigerated fishing vessel, caught fire late last night and the accident was informed to the East China Rescue Bureau under the Ministry of Transport today, told officials with the bureau.
According to the information from Japan the Japanese coast guard has sent aircraft and patrol ships after it was informed by Taiwanese authorities that a fire had broken out on the 12,703-ton Mingyang in waters about 150 km. southeast of Okinawa.
It saved all of the crew members but 3 of them sustained minor injuries.