240 passenger in safety after malfunction in the main engine of a Passenger ship

By Accidents

Damaged passenger ship was forced to return back to Pier 1 in Cebu Port for safety after its major engine malfunctioned while underway at the vicinity waters off North Entrance Channel in Cebu Harbor on 21st of October, 2012.
Philippines Coast Guard Action Center obtained a warning around 8:00 PM from Coast Guard District Central Visayas that a certain Dennis Cue, action manager of Cokaliong Shipping Lines, warned the Coast Guard Station (CGS) Cebu that the main engine of MV Filipinas Maasin encountered derangement while underway at vicinity waters off North Entrance Channel, Cebu Harbor and the master took decision to return back to Pier 1, Cebu Port for safety of the crew members and the vessel.
Investigation revealed that at 07:00 PM of 19th of October, told ship departed Pier 1, Cebu City with 240 people onboard, when the gauge of her major engine went up on high temperature due to the centralized fresh water pump cooling system malfunction which caused her main engine to overheat.
The captain of the ship decided to return to Cebu Port. At 10:40 PM of the said date, upon arrival of the said passenger ship at Pier 1, the shipping management refunded the tickets of 190 travelers and disembarked safely while the 50 other passengers opted to spend overnight on board. All the passengers were reported to be in good health conditions.
CGS Cebu staff conducted inquiry and advised the captain of the ship to file a marine protest relative to the said accident and to undergo MARINA inspection to secure seaworthiness prior resuming to its normal operations.