Surfer killed by a shark in California

By Accidents

A man has been attacked and killed by a shark off the coast of California at Surf Beach in Santa Barbara County.
The victim is a 39 old Francisco Javier Solorio, the cause of the dead is direct attack in the upper torso.
There is no information for the moment why the shark attacked the man, there is an investigation.
A friend of the attacked surfer saw what happened and tried to save his life by giving him first help.
Another surfer has called for help, paramedics couldn't do anything because the shark attack was deadly.
Surf Beach is still accessible to all people.
There was a shark attack 2 years ago, a surfer was attacked by a great white shark and died from loss of too many blood.
Measures has been taken by Santa Barbara Harbour in installing warning signs.
Officials recommend all people to stay away from the area of the attack.